Find a Job


MacroChallenges Also Offers

Find a Job

Finding a suitable job to match the potential and experience of the job seeker, recording the interview and procuring the contract.

Company Existence Research

Assuring a background check on all the companies to confirm their existence and legitimacy.

Training & Development

Providing specific training and skill development in different areas.

Career Consultancy

Giving the demanded advice and orientation for any career path.


Administering the MBTI test online and sending the results to get a better understanding of the job seeker skills and potential.

Job Follow-up

Keeping a close eye on the job offer and the workflow as per the contract to ensure everything is going as agreed.

Guarantee & Info Safety

Promising the highest level of info privacy and safety to guarantee our transparency.

Handling of Documents & Job Requirement Paperwork

Managing, filing, completing and procuring all the documents needed for any job application from personal documents to translated and legal versions.