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By compiling everything in one place, our recruiters give people the power. They understand what’s meaningful for candidates and see what an employer can offer them. After that, they source the best candidates. This professional recruiting procedure proactively targets the right candidate for the right job vacancy. Moreover, we believe if the candidates were not good for one job, they would be suitable for a future position.

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    MacroChallenges is a certified company and is doing business with reputable distinguished companies across the U.S. and the whole world.

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    We were honoured to gain different award ceremonies and be recognized in front of hundreds of business leaders across the globe.

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The Detailed Services Are

Providing insurance for all employers.


Referring to the needful legal advice in any sector.

Legal Advice

Offering the required consultancy for any project, business development, and start-ups.

Business Consultancy

Conducting market research to provide numbers, status and valuable information for any project.

Market Research

Posting job offers, filtering candidates, interviewing and recording all interviews, and selecting the perfectly suited employee for the job.

Recruitment Services

Measuring a person's suitability for a role based on their intellectual capabilities and personality traits.

Psychometric Assessment

Collecting all the proper and necessary information in a handbook for each employee.

Employee Handbook

Proposing the right changes for restructuring a better, maximized performance.

Organization Restructuring

Preparing and administering training programs for all departments of any business.

Training & Development

Setting the right digital strategy to manage communications in any business.


Providing and handling all legal documents necessary for any company and procuring international certifications and administrative documents for any operation.

Handling of Legal and International Documents

Following up the employee’s performance that were recruited by MacroChallenges and assessing the quality of their work.

Recruitment Follow-up

Making the necessary information collection as a background check on each employee.

Employee Reference Check